Busy year ahead of us


We have closed last year with a short summary of the year’s events, now we will summarize what is ahead of us in 2018. There will be numerous handovers and new constructions; we will surely not be bored this coming year. 

In 2018 seven of our constructions will be completed with altogether 1092 apartments. The buildings to be handed over are (in chronological order): Babér street, City Home “H”, Lőportár street, Berettyó street, Metrodom Park “C”, City Home “I”, Metrodom Panoráma building “A”. The technical acceptance procedure will be followed by the procurement of occupancy permits and the start of the handovers (transfer of possession); therefore the first residents will only be able to move in to City Home “I” and Metrodom Panoráma phase one at the beginning of the following year.


We will not be short of new projects and constructions either. First we will start sales of Metrodom Panoráma “D” in February which will be followed by the last building – building “A”- of Metrodom Park in March. Building “L” of the next two condominiums of City Home will begin sometime at the end of the summer and sales of building M are expected to start at the end of the year. We will begin our new project in Szobor Street of the 13th district– in the close vicinity of Berettyó Street – where we will build more than 300 homes in one phase. Furthermore we are in the planning phase of several projects to be announced later – one of them is a condominium in the 11th district, the construction and sales of which will begin in the fall.

Following a long preparation and development phase we have introduced a new IT and EPR (corporate governance) system at Metrodom the result of which, such as our widening services and our more convenient online administration possibilities our clients are expected to see next summer. Our clients moving into their new apartments will be able to meet Metrodom’s new smart-home system, which our company is happy to be the first to introduce to the Hungarian home real estate market in the medium and large condominium segment.