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Big plans, big apartment

As life situations change, different types of home become ideal for people. Young single people often opt for a one-bedroom apartment, while families choose larger homes to fit comfortably. And for older people, a smaller, more sustainable home can often be preferable. Choosing a home is one of the most important parts of life planning, as everyone wants to choose the home that best suits their current and future needs.

Metrodom River is a premium residential development in the 11th district, close to the Danube. Metrodom River is unique not only in our company's offer, but also in the entire range of new-build condominiums in the country. Its special location, the architectural solutions used and the services offered to residents make Metrodom River a truly unique and premium residential complex.


To make dreams come true...

Metrodom River, which is being built in the 11th district of Budapest, on Budafoki út, directly on the banks of the Danube, is now offering the 'new room promotion' to help you buy a comfortable apartment of the size and design you have always dreamed of. The discount applies only to the living room and bedrooms.

One-bedroom apartments and studios with a discount of HUF 4 million per room 

An apartment of this size is just right for a single person or a young couple, or a one or two bedroom apartment can even comfortably accommodate a couple with a baby. It is also the best size for investment purposes, as it is the type of property most sought after on the rental market. The proximity to universities also makes renting a breeze. The discount for studio apartments is HUF 4 million, while the rebate for flats with living room + one bedroom is HUF 8 million.

For two-bedroom apartments, the discount is HUF 5 million per room

A two-bedroom apartment - especially one as close to nature as Metrodom River - is perfect for families with one or even two children. These homes are now available at a discount of HUF 15 million, so it's worth considering a larger home.

For three or more bedroom apartments, the discount is HUF 6 million per room

Three or more bedrooms make for a really comfortable and spacious home. With this size, guests sleeping over are not a problem, and the family is unlikely to outgrow as it grows. And a five-bedroom apartment could even allow for the creation of a home office, a music room or a library - with the 30 million forints saved thanks to the deal.

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The Metrodom River residential complex, which stretches to the banks of the Danube, will be built on a three-hectare landscaped site, with a total of 712 apartments in six buildings. Each apartment is a state-of-the-art Smart Home, and our proprietary Dual Eco heating system, which offers the luxury of ceiling heating and cooling, is not only comfortable and environmentally friendly, but also highly energy efficient. Metrodom's smart home system allows you to control cooling, heating and smart blinds, and we have also integrated a video intercom system.

Access to the fully fenced residential complex is only possible via the reception building and the gate to the waterfront promenade, for the maximum safety of residents. Car traffic will be completely underground, reducing stress, noise and air pollution. The complex also offers a playroom, a nursery, a kindergarten and a playground for families, while adults can enjoy a wide range of sports facilities and a boathouse. In addition to other exclusive facilities, the reception building also has a café.


*The promotion does not constitute an offer, valid for new purchases after 1 March 2024, until withdrawn. Customers and their family members who have previously purchased a home in Metrodom River but have had their sales contract cancelled or terminated are not eligible for this promotion. Please contact our property advisors for details.