Customise your flat

The great advantage of a new-build home is that many aspects of the flat can be customised to suit individual needs. Metrodom also offers this opportunity. With the help of our technical consultants you can alter the original technical specifications and choose between range of claddings and doors. What can be changed, and what kind of options are available, depends primarily on the stage of construction. The specific deadlines for all of our buildings are shown in the Technical Content section, in the box entitled Deadlines. The deadlines are also shown in the technical specifications, which can be downloaded from the Technical Content section. The technical consultation takes place in two stages, at two different times. Ordering extra products, works will cause the technical contents of your apartment to change, its purchase price to go up. Ordering extra products will therefore require that the pre-sales contract be amended (purchase price, technical contents). The price of contract amendment is to be paid in full at the time of signing, otherwise the requested modifications will not be implemented. The VAT payable on the  price of extra products equals that applicable to property, as these costs are included in the final sales price of your apartment. At the beginning of construction works, you can freely decide on the location of walls, engineering and power outlets, radiators, you may even completely change the layout of your apartment. Metrodom Építő Kft. and Metrodom építő Kft. will charge HUF 20,000+VAT for each specialist's drawing (structure, engineering, electricity) affected by the changes.

1. Walls, technical systems, electrical wiring
The first coordination meeting takes place before the structure of the building reaches the concerned level. At this point - within the confines of technical possibilities - it is possible to have walls moved, doors and outlets for the washing machine and dishwasher relocated. A bathtub can be changed for a shower tray, or vice-versa, and basic air conditioning fittings can be ordered. The outlets for light fittings and light switches can be moved, and extra plug sockets can be requested. Subject to certain limitations the toilet, radiators and entrance door can also be moved.


2. Cladding and interior doors
The second round of consultations is held during the installation of basic systems. This is when you can choose the bathroom and kitchen wall tiles, floor tiles, wood flooring and interior doors. We offer a variety of tiling and flooring plans, but there is also an opportunity to put your own ideas into practice. Our offering includes a variety of standard and optional-extra wall and floor tiles, which can also be viewed on our website. If you don’t find any of these to your liking, you can take your pick from the extremely wide range offered by our supplier, in line with your financial means. Besides the tiles themselves, you can also choose the colour of the grouting and type of edge protectors, and on request the dividing strips. Samples can be viewed with our technical consultants. For interior doors, besides a choice of colours many other customisation options are available. You can request glazed inserts, with a variety of cutouts and glass types available for order. Various metal decorative strips can be ordered for the doors, and our range of optional extras includes a wide range of handles in differing styles.

Apart from the above, we will not under any circumstances or for any surcharge, undertake to install products supplied by our customers. At the same time however, to certain extent it is possible to have parts of the works omitted or the technical contents reduced (partly omitting the wall tiles, parquettes, interior doors, etc.). Before making a purchase, please enquire about such options with your property advisor, or the technical consultant if you have already purchased your property from us. Please be aware that you are not allowed to have the technical contents of your property reduced if you want to use the benefits of the Family Home Support Program (CSOK) as CSOK benefits may only be disbursed following 100% completion of the property.