Club room

You are just too many at home, want to hang out and watch TV with friends while your significant other wants to rest? Go out without even having to put on a jacket or leave the building. You can watch a game with your friends or fellow residents on the TV, play with the tabletop football or the board games, or just chitchat in the club room in our buildings that have one. The club room is part of the common spaces and is only accessible from within the building so no unauthorized persons can enter.

The club rooms are handed over fully equipped with comfortable living room sets, armchairs, large-screen TV and tabletop football. A service room adjoining the club room is also available with a fridge to keep the beer chilled at all times, a microwave oven to quickly prepare the popcorn. A terrace, or in the case of City Home L-M an entire system of rooftop terraces adjoins our clubhouses allowing for relaxing outdoors when the weather is good, or smoke, house rules allowing. For a list of Metrodom buildings featuring a club room, refer to the left side of the page.