For investors

If you want to invest in real estate in the European Union, look no further –Budapest, Hungary is an ideal location, as it has yet to see a boom in real estate prices, which means that you can easily buy a newly-built apartment in the central districts of Budapest at prices ranging between EUR 900 and 1,200/m2, roughly 25-30% of the housing prices in neighbouring Vienna.
Budapest offers the same services, convenient standard of living as any European city, but at a much lower cost; today Budapest is undoubtedly the cheapest capital in Europe. As a result, the maintenance costs of real properties are also low, communal charges in a building with a 24-hour reception service come to EUR 0.7-0.8/m2, which includes everything except the heating, water and electricity charges of the apartment. In addition, Budapest is not just an outstanding and popular tourist destination, many foreign students study here as well, and recently it has also become a popular place with retirees from Western Europe, as they can live here in luxury compared to the average lifestyle they could afford from their income at home.
Therefore, there is great demand for high-quality, newly built rental apartments, which are never left without a tenant as a result. If you cannot or do not want to be involved in renting out and operating your apartment, our partner office has a comprehensive range of services on offer for you covering all related activities.