The VAT rate for new-build property is a uniform 5% from January 1, 2021 onwards. We shall make a clear reference to the VAT content of the apartment in the (pre)sales contract so that our customers can ascertain that the price will not increase due to inaccurate information or misunderstanding.

Metrodom’s payment schedule is simple and as favourable as possible.

Because we fund our investments using our own resources and bank financing, we do not need our customers’ money to finance the construction work. This is why, everything except the

  • 10% deposit serving as security is payable when signing the contract, so the remaining
  • 90% only has to be paid following the issuance of the legally binding occupancy permit, immediately before moving in (taking possession).

(10% advance payment is required on top of the 10% downpayment for new contracts concluded after September 1, 2018. The remaining 80% becomes payable, just like up until now, after the occupany permit has been issued.)

This payment structure is not only simple and convenient, but also safe, as nobody has to worry about what the property development firm will do with their money. Even the 10% deposit is kept in a blocked bank account, to which we only gain access after successful completion of the project, so this serves as an additional incentive for us to construct the building properly, obtain the occupancy permit and hand over the keys to the flats. Our customers don’t even have to worry that, in the event of some unexpected problem, the financing bank will use their payments or flats as security for Metrodom’s loan. This is because the finance agreement is worded so as to ensure that as long as the buyer fulfils his or her payment obligation (pays the purchase price), the bank is under an obligation to grant its consent for the registration of the buyer’s title and deletion of the mortgage. 

If a bank loan, family housing allowance (CSOK), a home saving plan or employer’s loan are involved, then we set out the mutually agreed terms stipulated and required by the financial institution or employer in the sale and purchase contract from the start, to avoid any unpleasant surprises later.

We can only accept money in payment for our flats, and there is no possibility of part-exchange or barter, and we are unable to accept any deliveries of building materials, media coverage or other services as part payment in the event of a flat purchase.