Costs & fees

For Metrodom, it is not only important that our apartments but that also our buildings will be maintainable inexpensively and this manifests itself in the realtively inexpensive low shared costs. For all of our buildings, we guarantee the "A - Energy Saving" rated energy certificate and thus the heat does not escape from our apartments or the common areas of our buildings.  Everywhere we create opportunities for selective waste collection, which reduces household waste collection fees and the electricity bills for the common areas are reduced because of  lighting which is turned on by motion sensors. Placement of meters in the corridors, not only allows for readings which do not bother the residents but this way it ensures that residents will not need to bare the burden of payment for those who do not pay their water and heating bills. The non-paying residents can quickly be excluded from receiving services provided by the building, such as heating and hot water. This way, the shared costs will never rise due to non-payers.

The shared costs are determined at the time of population of the apartment, in consultation with the Metrodom joint apartments' representative but the rates themselves, (as in all other social housing matters), can be increased or reduced at the discretion of the building's General Assembly.