Renting an apartment


Buy an apartment from Metrodom and while it is being built, stay in a Flatco apartment for a discounted rental fee!

Metrodom and the property management company, Flatco Group have entered a special and long-term cooperation, thanks to which our customers can rent apartments from Flatco at a discounted price from April 1, 2021, furthermore Flatco tenants also receive discount from the purchase price of their new-build Metrodom apartment in case they decide to own their home instead of renting it.

Preferential apartment rental

When someone pays the price of their new home from the sale of their old home, securing accommodation between the two moves is often a problem. Metrodom and Flatco want to help with this, as our customers can not only rent a good quality apartment in like new condition, but they can also contract for a period shorter than what is customary (up to two months), but they also receive a 15% discount on the rent.

Discount on purchases

All Flatco tenants will receive a discount equaling 25% of the total amount of rent paid by them during the lease term from the price of the apartment purchased, but no more than 3% of the gross purchase price of the apartment.

The above discounts cannot be combined with each other, or with other promotions or discounts. The details of the promotion are contained in the terms and conditions, which can be accessed by clicking the DOWNLOAD RULES button in the left bar.