Electric cars

Protecting the environment is of primary importance for us, so have introduced state-of-the-art, energy-saving and efficient technologies. Wall plug chargeable plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars are increasingly popular in Hungary and the numbers are predicted to dynamically grow further. An obstacle to building a zero-emission city is the unsatisfying number of public chargers and no alternatives are available to those driving in the city. In every one of Metrodom’s buildings, residents owning or planning to own electric vehicles can charge their cars in the parking garage whenever they want, thus harnessing the full capacity of the batteries every day.

Power outlets are available to some of the parking slots, for a surcharge. In our older buildings, the power lines are conducted to the parking slot directly from the power meter of the apartment, energy consumption charges are part of the electricity bill of the flat. If the original capacity proves to be insufficient, the owner may request an extension from the electricity provider (ELMŰ).

The chargers are independent from the apartments in newer projects (starting in 2020), they are equipped with dedicated consumption meters. This way, the chargers are not bound to the apartments in any way so parking slots can be easily sold or rented out. Standard configuration includes the power socket placed near the parking slot and installed in a lockable box. For information on charger options, costs of installation and the deadlines for orders, please refer to the technical description of the parking slot or turn to our property advisors.