Electric cars

By introducing state-of-the-art, energy efficient technologies Metrodom puts emphasis on protecting our environment. A growing number of people in Hungary use plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars chargeable from a wall connector and the numbers will further grow, according to the predictions. One of the obstacles to the spread of zero-emission cars is charging issues: low number of public charging stations, while no other options are available to car users. Starting from phase H of City Home, our customers, who own or are planning to use electric cars can not only park but also charge their vehicles during the night, thus harnessing the full capacity of the battery.

Optional power outlets are available for our customers to buy with the parking space. Since the power is directed from the meter of the apartment, only those may buy the power outlet who also own an apartment in the building. The costs of charging will be added to the electricity bill of the apartment. If the original power configuration proves to be insufficient, extra feed can be requested from the electric company (ELMŰ) following the occupation of the apartment.

The deadline for ordering the optional power outlet is the same as the one applicable to making the electric and power selections, so please decide ahead of time as we cannot build the necessary cabling later. The basic configuration contains the power stand-off near the parking space, terminating in the circuit breaker. The socket, proprietary charging device or mechanical protection (locking box) are not included. Depending on the distance between the parking slot and the apartment, the price may vary between HUF 180,000 – 450,000, as per our individual price offer.