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Property handover at customers’ home

Property handover at customers’ home 2020. 03. 27.

With respect to the restriction of movements, our colleagues will deliver the keys and documents related to the property to be handed over to your home. Our handover courier service will remain operational as long as applicable regulations allow. Please contact our customer service staff for further details, including those related to the safety measures implemented and area specific restrictions.

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Handover to begin on 26 March 2020. 03. 16.

The occupancy permit, downloadable from this site, for phases B-C of Metrodom Panorama has been received and is executable. Handing over of property begins on Thursday next week, in a way significantly different from what is customary. Information on this and other important information will be communicated via email on Tuesday, 17th. The most important information about property handover is also available as a series, the first part of which will deal with the special circumstances and the changes arising out of it.

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