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Metrodom River: it is starting!

Metrodom River: it is starting! 2021. 07. 05.

Sales and construction of our newest residential park, Metrodom River, will begin soon. A lot of information about the special features of the residential park is already available on our website, as well as the presentation of the visual plans and services. The apartments themselves, prices and layout plans will arrive next month sometime in mid-July, but those who want to be among the first to know about the news are encouraged to check in with our property consultants via email or phone.

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International award to Metrodom Panorama 2021. 06. 07.

In the category of medium-rise residential buildings Metrodom Panorama has won the prestigious gold medal from FIABCI, the reputed international architectural association. This practically means residential buildings between family houses and skyscrapers, and it says a lot that previously no Hungarian residential building managed to be among the nominees even. Now, however, Metrodom Panorama has won the award ahead of its competitors in the US, Western Europe and Southeast Asia, of which we are extremely proud. Detailed information about FIABCI can be found on the organization's website, where you can also watch this year's awards ceremony and the introductory film of Metrodom Panorama.

The Metrodom CSR Committee has been established 2021. 05. 28.

By establishing Metrodom’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee, we have made important progress in organizing our CSR work. In the future, this committee, with the participation of our employees, will decide on the applications received, and will organize the social activities of our staff. You can read more about Metrodom's corporate social responsibility activities on our website.

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