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Metrodom River wins prestigious European award

Metrodom River wins prestigious European award 2022. 09. 16.

Metrodom River has won this year's European Property Award in its category thanks to its innovative solutions, forward-looking design and sustainability. The prestigious architectural organization’s rigorous and lengthy judging process seeks out the best property development projects and we are particularly proud that after Metrodom Panorama another one of Metrodom's residential developments has received a prestigious international recognition.

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How will the utility costs of Metrodome buildings change? 2022. 07. 25.

Changes in the residential prices of natural gas and electricity are making everyone frantically calculate how these will affect the amount of utility bills they will have to pay in the future.  This is certainly no different for Metrodom customers who will be moving into their new homes this year (Metrodom Zugló) or in the following years (Metrodom River and Metrodom Green). The answer to the title question is relatively short and simple: they will notice almost no price increase. Those who are interested in the fuller answer can read the details below.

Gas price hike shows where Metrodom houses benefit 2022. 07. 18.

Now, the very significant increase in the price of energy consumption above the "average" shows in practice how Metrodom houses and apartments have a huge advantage in terms of maintenance costs. Below, we first look at the consumption of our older houses, delivered in 2020 or before, and how much our older customers have to worry about their utility bill.

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