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Here's what the finished residential complex will look like

Here's what the finished residential complex will look like 2023. 09. 15.

As the first phase of Metrodom Green nears completion and the building's contours are already visible, you can now see what the finished, living building will look like in a highly detailed video. The film shows not only the exterior of the building, but also the garden, the green rooftop and the interiors, giving a spectacular glimpse of what a premium residential complex looks like.

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Take a look at our furnished model home! 2023. 08. 22.

We are nearing the end of the construction of the apartments in Metrodom River, and on the second phase we have fully furnished one of the already completed apartments. The one-bedroom show apartment, as are our other vacant apartments still under construction, is available to be visited upon prior appointment with our property consultants.

New year, new residential complex 2023. 01. 09.

On 21 December, the Municipal Government Office granted the building permit for Metrodom's new 425-apartment apartment complex, which will be built on the Marina beach in the 13th district. The two-phase project will be called 'Metrodom Beat' and, as with our current investments, will offer residents a premium building and premium homes in every respect.

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