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Contracts, prices, deadlines: Metrodom customers can sleep easy

Contracts, prices, deadlines: Metrodom customers can sleep easy 2022. 03. 16.

The events of the past few weeks have not been good for the new-build housing market either, with rising inflation, the Euro exchange rate, energy and construction material prices, and increased uncertainty. It is expected that more property developers will resort to unilateral cancellation of contracts or retroactive price increases in the coming months to stabilize their situation. Metrodom's views are set out below for our clients and those who follow our work.

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Vienna plans to ban all petrol and gasoline vehicles 2022. 02. 10.

Last week, the news broke, also covered by Hungarian media (for example here) that Vienna is planning to ban petrol and diesel cars from the city from 2040. Not just older, more polluting cars, but everything that uses an internal combustion engine, including newer models and hybrids. The strangest thing about the news is that many people seem to have been surprised by this.

First from Metrodom: electric car charger comes as standard with all parking slots 2022. 02. 03.

Our commitment to sustainability is a primary consideration in the design of all of our new housing projects. The innovative technical content of our buildings is now being expanded with another, extremely important element; in the case of medium-sized and larger residential parks (above 80 apartment units), offerred first by Metrodom in the residental market, the electric car charger comes as standard.

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