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Video of the housing estate

Video of the housing estate 2021. 09. 20.

Our short clip introducing Metrodom River has been completed, which presents the residential park perhaps even more impressingly than the visual plans. Of course, the film does not depict the completed buildings, it is generated by a computer, but it still helps a lot to imagine what the buildings will look like. You can watch the video by launching it below the text or on our YouTube channel by clicking here. (Accompanied by audio!)

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New residential park in Ferencváros from Metrodom 2021. 09. 22.

Construction and sale of Metrodom’s next residential park, the 510-apartment Metrodom Green, is expected to begin in March 2022. The residential park will be a real specialty in many ways, we hope that it will become as iconic a building for the district as the Metrodom Panorama in Újpest.

Metrodom River: it is starting! 2021. 07. 05.

Sales and construction of our newest residential park, Metrodom River, will begin soon. A lot of information about the special features of the residential park is already available on our website, as well as the presentation of the visual plans and services. The apartments themselves, prices and layout plans will arrive next month sometime in mid-July, but those who want to be among the first to know about the news are encouraged to check in with our property consultants via email or phone.

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