Lobby and reception desk

We at Metrodom work towards ensuring that when coming home, you receive the best possible welcome. Contrary to other residential buildings, the entrance doors to our buildings do not just lead you to a narrow corridor towards the elevators and the staircases, but to a carefully designed entrance lobby. The size and the atmosphere of the lobby correspond to those of the apartment complex. Be they modern and elegant, or colorful for that matter, some things are common. Tiles are not only appealing, but they are also durable, the space is well lit, and the appearance is stylish. There is ample space for the concierge service, and for the plants and seats making waiting comfortable for visitors. We aim to use as much glass as possible in our designs, ideally on the entire surface of the facade of the lobby to ensure that natural light illuminates the area during the day.

Except in the smallest ones, the security of all Metrodom buildings is protected by a concierge service, providing several duties at the same time. The concierge screens incoming visitors, monitors surveillance camera footage, manages the fire alarm system and immediately notifies maintenance if something defaults in the building. The concierge service is available 24/7 all year round providing uncompromised security for the building.