Community services

Metrodom’s apartment complexes have a lot more to offer than simple condominiums do. Not only do our houses provide comfortable, modern living space, but safety, security, recreation and a number of community activities as well. Some of the services outlined in the following pages, like the concierge service and the landscaped gardens, are available in every apartment complex, others have been designed according to the specific features, like the location, the dimensions and the potential of the given apartment complex. For detailed information on the specific services available in a given apartment complex please refer to the relevant pages and at the complexes.

All our residential services share some important features.  These services are provided in common areas owned by the condominium, i.e. we are not „selling” offers of privately-owned businesses provided in the shops in the buildings as residential services. Maintaining of these services is subject solely to the decision of the residential community, no service will cease to exist unless the residents decide so. At the same time, services can be shaped, refined, complemented and adjusted to the needs of the community.

Community spaces, gardens, playgrounds, etc. are designed so as to ensure isolation from public spaces and unauthorized persons, they are only accessible to residents. A separate access control system can be installed, if necessary. No service or maintenance fees are payable for our community services, costs are included in the applicable common costs of the given apartment complex as indicated on our website. We design our services with relatively low running costs in mind, such as those of cleaning and maintenance, these expenses only minimally increase the common costs and the burden on residents’ finances. (the only cost element of somewhat significant magnitude is that of the concierge service, which again is optional, and residents decide if they need it. Common areas are handed over in a turn-key condition and fully equipped, meaning that the playroom or the gym are not just empty rooms in need of additional investments on the part of the residents. Detailed description on the different common spaces and the services they offer are available on the relevant pages.