7 reasons why Metrodom

Metrodom offers a lot more than other property developers in many regards. Let us summarize in 90 seconds eight reasons why Metrodom apartments and Metrodom’s services are superior to those of other property developers. 

1. References
Metrodom has so far built nine residential apartment buildings with nearly 3,500 apartments completed and handed over. All our buildings were constructed smoothly, received all the necessary permits, they were registered, received CC – state of the art energy certificate and Metrodom has scrupulously met warranty requirements ever since the projects completed. See our website for videos and descriptions on buildings already completed and handed over. For more information, please click here ►

2. Own construction
Metrodom buildings are constructed by Metrodom Constructions, our own company. This guarantees that buildings are handed over in a timely manner and are of guaranteed quality and warranty requirements are fully met. For more information, please click here ►

3. Bank financing
All our buildings are constructed with bank financing, which in turn means that buildings are finished irrespective of the external circumstances and that apartments will immediately become the property of the buyer once the purchase price has been paid. For more information, please click here ►

4. Payment upon handover
Unlike other companies, Metrodom does not need its clients’ funds to finance construction. Apart from a 20 percent advance payment, the rest only becomes due right before occupying the property. For more information, please click here ►

5. Smart Homes
Our apartments are equipped, among other amenities, with smarthome systems. Smarthome systems enable residents to control and monitor heating and cooling systems, lighting and many other services in the apartment. The system is expandable to our clients’ liking; options are nearly infinite. For more information, please click here ►

6. Timely provision of information
Information our website is always up-to-date, be it on prices, technical details or the version of downloadable documents. Additionally, our daily newsfeed enables our clients to follow the construction process and be the first to receive information on our latest and special offers.
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7. Commitment
Metrodom staff, engineers, customer support colleagues, property advisors, lawyers and all other staff are committed to ensuring that our buildings are the most appealing, of the highest quality and simply the best, so that our clients are satisfied as fully as possible. We take pride in our work and feel privileged to contribute to the renewal and improvement of the built-up environment in Budapest. For more information, please click here ►