One of the best features of Metrodom’s smart home system is that the settings and values of even the basic program can be customized, entirely new programs can be added to the system. In the following, we will show some examples of what can be done with your smart home system. The motion sensors can be also used as a warning and alarm system, sending messages to your cellphone when the 'Away' or 'Vacation' mode is selected (i.e. someone opens the door thus changing the mode). You may assign different temperatures to each room depending on the time of the day, like the temperature should never go below 20 degrees in the bedroom or there should be a pleasant 25 degrees in the bathroom between 7-8 am, but only 21 degrees at any other time of the day. Similarly, a constant temperature can be maintained in the children’s room. By installing a smart switch, you can ensure that the night lights go on automatically when you switch off the main lights. You can integrate all your media devices (TV, DVD player, speakers, home theater system, etc.) in the smart home system and set up complex functions like automatically turning on the TV, selecting the DVD as the signal source, turning off the lights in the room and lowering the blinds when you turn on the DVD, thereby providing all the conveniences of a home theater system.
In addition to the existing elements, thousands of Metrodom's smarthome compatible devices can be added to your system later. Smart sockets, smoke detector, overflow detector, camera, smart household appliances (washing machine, air conditioner, coffee maker, etc.), the limit is your imagination. The often hefty price tag of the most modern smart devices should be no concern either as your existing TV or a basic air conditioner can be controlled by installing a single IR sensor, as can be seen in our show apartment in the City Home. The elements of your smart home system can be replaced one by one if you want to modernize your system and want to add a more intelligent device. Thanks to the open communication standard employed in the smart home system, your Metrodom' smarthome system remains state-of-the-art in the long run.