Corporate Social Responsibility

Metrodom is a property development company and our buildings are more than places of residence; they are part of their environment and part of the cityscape. We therefore have a special responsibility for our work. Our buildings are designed knowing that people will most probably use and see them for over a century. We are proud of our work and the buildings, the roads, and the parks we produce but we also want to do more.

Every year, Metrodom provides financial assistance to foundations, organizations supporting the most vulnerable people, especially children and the needy. (see current beneficiary foundations on the left). Also, important selection criteria are credibility and efficiency ensuring that our assistance brings about the desired changes. Additionally, we regularly initiate campaigns for our staff to join forces and reach specific assistance goals.

If you would like us to support your foundation in achieving its goals, please send us your introduction letter, your objectives and the presentation of the results of your organization so far by e-mail to (You can read more about Metrodom's CSR committee and its operation on the side of this page.) The committee will decide on the applications received by the end of each quarter in the following month, the decision will be published on our website, however, individual applicants will be notified separately as well.