Privacy policy


1. Metrodom Ltd. (seat: H-1095 Budapest, Mester u. 83/c. Cü3) (’Metrodom’) and Media Services Ltd. (seat: H-1095 Budapest, Ipar utca 2/b.; company registration No.: 01-09-867993; tax No.: 13687094-2-41;  as the operator of the website ’’ (’Website’) hereby agree to be bound by the provisions of this present privacy policy (’Privacy Policy’) and declare that their data processing activities are in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the applicable legislation:

- Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information (’Infotv.’),
- Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Activities and Information Society Services (’Eker. tv.’),
- Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Essential Conditions and Certain Limitations of Business Advertising Activity(’Grt.’).

General principles of Metrodom’s data processing

2. Metrodom declares that during its data processing activities all data providers’ right of informational self-determination shall be fully respected and takes responsibility for the legality of data management by implementing the applicable rules of data protection.


3. The provided data must be processed by Metrodom within the frameworks of the data provider’s authorisation, must be essential for the purpose for which it was recorded, and it must be suitable to achieve that purpose. Data may be processed to the extent and for the duration necessary to achieve its purpose.

4. According to the above, data shall be processed by Metrodom exclusively for the purpose, to the extent and for the duration determined by the data provider. Unless otherwise requested by the data provider, data shall not be used for Metrodom’s marketing activity, sending unsolicited e-mails or letters, nor transferred or transmitted to third persons.

Assigned purpose of data processing

5. Processing data provided for Metrodom shall be based on the voluntary consent of the data provider. The purpose of processing, the scope of the processed data, the extent and duration necessary for the achievment of that purpose shall be determined by Metrodom as stated below:

a) Data of the Website’s visitors

6. In accordance with the provisions of Section 13/A (3) of Eker., the service provider, for the purpose of ensuring the secure operation and averting any abuse, may process such personal data (e. g. the time of the visit, IP address, data of the visitor’s browser) which are technically indispensable for providing the service but only to the required extent and duration.

b) Ordering the catalogues of Metrodom

7. When ordering the catalogues of Metrodom, the name and address of the recipient shall be used only one time, for the purpose of posting the catalogue. After posting the catalogue personal data shall be erased by Metrodom.

c) Metrodom’s newsletter

8. Metrodom shall send one newsletter per month to the voluntarily named e-mail address of the subscribers, without any marketing material or direct offer. Unsubscribing may be possible by clicking on the Leiratkozás/Unsubscribe link of the newsletter, in which case personal data shall be erased by Metrodom.

d) Metrodom’s facebook promotions

9. Voluntarily provided data of the participants of the promotions organised on shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of the published rules of the promotion.

e) Guarantee notifications

10. By making use of the guarantee notification option made available on the Website, the notifier shall consent to the transmission of his/her voluntarily provided contacts and information to the relevant acting construction superintendent or its subcontractor and also to the employee of the constructor company, with the purpose of quality assurance. After transmission provided personal data shall be erased by Metrodom.

f) Communications

11. Metrodom shall reverse the right to transmit the e-mails being sent to the personal e-mail addresses and to the e-mail addresses with the extension of, regardless to the recipient of the message, to the assigned employee according to the content of the letter. Except for the administration, Metrodom shall not make use of the addresses or data of the client by any other means.

g) Other data processing

12. About data processing which is not mentioned in this Privacy, information shall be provided by Metrodom in case such processing’s necessity occurs. 

13. Any person or body attending to statutory state or municipal government functions or other bodies authorised by law may request information, data or documents from Metrodom. In case the purpose and scope of the information to be obtained is described by the requesting authority, Metrodom shall provide the personal data of the affected person, but only to the extent which is absolutely necessary for the achievement of the purpose of the request.

Storage and security of personal data

14. The maintenance of Metrodom’s IT system and the satisfactory level of security shall be ensured by ProVision Hungary Ltd. (seat: H-1135 Budapest, Országbíró utca 48.; company registration No.: 01-09-904510; tax No.: 14453834-2-41; represented by: Czakó Csilla) on the grounds of a service contract. Metrodom shall take all reasonable steps for the protection against threats to the IT system and the security of stored data. Metrodom’s IT system and data storages can be found on the above address of Metrodom and at the host of ProVision Hungary Ltd.’s. server.


15. The data provider may request information regarding his/her personal data being processed, respectively, the rectification or erasure of them, at any time.

16. Upon the data provider’s request Metrodom shall provide information concerning the processed data, the purpose, grounds and duration of processing, its activities relating to data processing, and – if the provider’s data is or may be made available to others - the purpose of transmission and the recipients.

17. Metrodom must comply with requests for information without any delay, and provide the information requested in an intelligible form, in writing, within not more than thirty days of receiving the request.

18. The data provider may object to the processing of his/her personal data, if in his/her opinion it is not in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy or if the personal data are controlled or transferred just to enforce the rightful interests of Metrodom or data recipient, or if the personal data are used or transferred for direct marketing, public opinion polls or scientific research purposes or in other cases defined by law.

19. Metrodom, beside the immediate suspension of data processing, shall assess the objection within the shortest possible time within a five working day time period following the submission of the request, and shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision. If the data provider’s objection is justified, Metrodom shall terminate all processing operations (including data collection and transmission), block the data involved and notify all recipients to whom any of these data had previously been transferred concerning the objection and the ensuing measures, upon which these recipients shall also take measures regarding the enforcement of the objection. If the provider disagrees with the decision taken by Metrodom, the data provider shall have the right to turn to court within thirty days of the date of delivery of the decision. The court shall hear such cases in priority proceedings.

20. Data controllers shall be liable for any damage caused to a data provider as a result of unlawful processing or by any breach of the technical requirements of data security. No compensation shall be paid where the damage was caused by intentional or serious negligent conduct on the part of the aggrieved party.


21. In cases commenced at the data provider’s request, the data provider’s consent to the processing and transmission of the necessary data to the competent employee shall be deemed to have been granted, unless the data provider’s statement with the opposite content is received.

22. Metrodom shall reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this Privacy. Such amendments shall be published on its website at least 8 days before their entry into force.

Budapest, 17.12.2012

Metrodom Ltd.