Garden and playground

When designing apartment complexes, one of the most important elements is greenery, the garden and the plants in them. If already existing conditions are favorable, trees on the construction plot look pleasing and are healthy we are delighted to keep them, just as we did on the Metrodom Young or the 2-8 Berettyó utca projects. We also care for trees in the streets surrounding the plot and do our best to preserve them unharmed during the construction process so that the canopy provide a fine green cover for the façade.

Whatever small a building may be or the building density thick, there is always room for the garden. Often, greenery is planted on the rooftops and, like in the case of the Metrodom Panoráma complex, also on the façade. Where possible, we make the garden the most spectacular part of the apartment complex. Other times, even if the garden cannot be seen from the outside, meticulously designed gardens are hiding inside the complex, and in some cases even a garden pond, like in the City Home complex (phases H-K).

We put a variety of different plants in our gardens, not only a simple lawn, but a set of shrubs, trees and flowers carefully selected by a professional landscape designer, ensuring that some flowers always blossom from spring to fall, and that something green is also present during the winter months. Maintenance is provided by an automatic irrigation system and we also take care to install garden furniture, fireplace and a cauldron pit, if those can be placed without disturbing residents. A playground designed and constructed in compliance with regulations and requirements applicable to public space playgrounds and sized according to the dimensions of the building always adjoins the gardens (our property advisors will be happy to provide information on the age specifications of each of our playgrounds).