At Metrodom, we pay special attention to providing our customers with services that meet all their expectations, so that they can take care of guarantee issues easily and conveniently.

We only accepted defect reports in writing, via the following means of communication:

- on-line (by filling out the below form)
- via e-mail (
- via mail (Metrodom, 1450 Budapest, Pf. 69) 

You may enquire about your ongoing gurantee cases already reported in writing, by calling the following phone number during working hours:

+36 1 397 7884

If you would like to report a defect via regular mail, please use the form downloadable from here.

The simplest way to report a defect is to submit your claim by filling out our on-line form, no registration, guarantee card, bank account number or other special information is requested from you. After clicking the 'Send' button, our system will return a message informing you of the name of our colleague attending to your case and the expected time of contacting you.


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