The Metrodom Panorama Residential Park in Újpest won a gold medal in one of the most prestigious real estate development competitions in the world.

The new residential complex earned the recognition based on the unanimous opinion of 63 world-class real estate professionals from 31 countries. The project also raised the international reputation of the Hungarian real estate market in a positive: the hanging garden-like solution has not been used much in Europe on this scale.

The Metrodom Panoráma Residential Complex - after winning an architectural award in Hungary in the category of medium-rise residential buildings last year - represented Hungary at the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence International Real Estate Development Award. The project eventually came home from the contest with an international gold medal from the competition sponsored by the Wall Street Journal.

Gábor Kiss, managing director of Metrodom Építő Kft., which carried out the construction of the residential park, says: „The jury primarily recognized the outstanding architectural standard of the building with the award, but the close-to-nature approach, which played a key role in the design, made the project useful and valuable also for those living in the district, in addition to the residents of the building. This modern residential building has proven that the benefits of built and natural environment can be reconciled”.

Metrodom Panorama Residential Park is one of the most exciting new residential complexes in the capital, providing residents and those who work there with all the benefits of an urban lifestyle, while a row of more than 200 trees and 4 kilometers of meandering plants on the facade improves quality of life. This vertical garden will form a significant vertical green area in just 2-3 years. Such a green façade solution has not been used on a construction of this scale in Hungary before, and there is only one true forerunner in the whole of Europe, the Bosco Verticale (“Vertical Forest”) in Milan, which consists of several buildings. The biggest challenge for the “greening” team was to take care of the ever-changing facade green surfaces that show different faces from month to month. The job of a climber gardener has not existed in Hungary until now, but the irrigation and maintenance system set up on the building is now managed by such experts.

In addition to the 632 flats, the building complex, which includes offices, catering and service units, was designed by the duo of Ybl-awarded architects Zsolt Hajnal and Péter Kendelényi, in close cooperation with the team of Metrodom Investment and Construction. This cooperation is an outstanding and worthy example for residential buildings of the future.