One of the many strengths of Metrodom is our residential complexes and buildings being built entirely in own construction. Metrodom Kivitelező Kft. the general contractor and Metrodom Építő Kft. the builder, in close cooperation with our property development department, perform their work as essentially one single unit. A huge advantage of this arrangement is the total absence of conflicts of interest so prevalent between builders and contractors. At Metrodom, the builder will not cut construction budgets at the expense of quality, we accept the professional input and opinion from our professional partner. Likewise, the contractor will not substitute quality building materials with cheap and low quality alternatives going against the ones prescribed by the architectural design, just to gain higher profits. Quality is our common interest, we have common references and we cooperate to attain our common goals, therefore we are certain that the quality of our buildings is superior to the Hungarian average.

Furthermore, communication is faster and simpler and our clients can enjoy the benefits of that: if a problem arises the seller and the contractor will not put the blame on each other, it is us, Metrodom that must resolve problems in the end.
Our general contractor does not undertake any other work for third parties, which ensures they do not face troubles for reasons beyond their control, like a payment default on the part of a builder. Similarly, there is no risk of the general contractor not paying their subcontractors, who in turn do not complete works or attempt to recover losses directly from the buyers or the condominium.