Baby playroom

In buildings where we expect families with small children to move-in, we welcome residents with a baby playroom adjacent to the playground. The playrooms are located inside the buildings, they can only be used by residents. The residential community can elaborate the rules and conditions of use as they wish. There are not too many options for parents staying at home with their 6-18-month-old children and wishing to leave the house from time to time, pushing the baby cart up and down the street is not a real option to entertain the kids. When the weather is bad or pushing the stroller would just be too boring, the playroom provides good opportunities to kill time and have the children play.

Comfortable armchairs and couches (in some cases, separate breastfeeding chairs) are available to parents, who can oversee their children in company. Children can safely crawl on the floor as floors are covered with soft yet durable, easy to clean carpets or rubber flooring. Playrooms are handed over fully furnished and equipped with toys, the large space allows for skills development toys that would be just too bulky to have them inside the apartment. For maximum comfort, a service room with changing table adjoins the playrooms. For detailed information on which Metrodom buildings feature a playroom, please refer to the left side of the page.