Thanks to the Dual Eco heating/cooling system and the BB energy rating, the cost of heating and cooling of Metrodom's apartments and those of producing hot water for domestic use is considered almost extremely low relative to current prices and regulations. But to go beyond generalities, we looked at the monthly consumption of 256 apartments in our Bárd u building, handed over in 2021, over a full year. These were continuously occupied, yet we ignored the extreme low and high values. Consumption is of course very much dependent on the habits of the occupants and how much attention they pay to saving, but the average consumption figures below are a good starting point. The costs given are based on energy prices on 1 September 2022. If you are interested in more detailed data, you can download the full table by clicking here.



In winter (heating and hot water)

In summer (cooling and hot water)


4 527

5 195


5 691

6 569


8 486

9 865