Laminated parquettes laid in Metrodom's apartments come from several manufacturing plant but only from Europe. You can find out more about which brand of parquet is available in which residential complex from the technical description of the apartments and from our employees during the technical consultation. Parquettes are laid on a fliece underlayer, adding another layer on top of the foam mat laid on the concrete surface to isolate knocking noises. Proprietary material matching the color of the parquettes is used for skirting.

Please be aware that the colors presented here may differ from the real colors of the tiles due to the photography technology used and the color calibration of your display. The actual products can be seen in our technical offices.

The selection of parquet currently on the site was available for our apartments handed over in 2020-21, the parquet offer for our flats handed over in 2022 and thereafter can be found on our website and in our showroom from May 2021.