Laminated parquettes laid in Metrodom's apartments come from the manufacturing plant located in Poland of Swiss Krono Group, one of the largest manufacturers. The parquettes are not only aesthetically pleasing but of the highest quality with an abrasion resistance rating of 31. The English language website is available here. Parquettes are laid on a fliece underlayer, adding another layer on top of the foam mat laid on the concrete surface to isolate knocking noises. Proprietary material matching the color of the parquettes is used for skirting.

In the City Home buildings Krono - a company originally based in Austria and currently operating worldwide - ensures the wide selection of parquet floors. Please find the base price and extra charge parquets on offer in the City Home Gallery below. 

Please be aware that the colors presented here may differ from the real colors of the tiles due to the photography technology used and the color calibration of your display. The actual products can be seen in our technical offices.