Manual operation

The most important benefit of a smart home is that it makes your home more convenient by managing and controlling the heating, cooling, lighting, the window blinds, etc. automatically, with minimal intervention. Many are keen on checking and controlling smart devices with their mobile phones, tablets or computers. Nevertheless, we would like to emphasize that using the basic functions of the smart home system does not require internet connection or the devices mentioned above. There is no need to get your mobile phone out from your pocket each time you want to check, switch or adjust something. Turning the lights on and off in the bathroom using your mobile phone, for example, may be fun in the beginning, but we believe that doing so will be just more inconvenient than useful in the long run. Devices connected to Metrodom’s smart home system can therefore be operated the traditional way any time.

You can switch the lights on and off with the wall switches, check the temperature of the radiators on the thermostats, raise or lower the temperature with one move and set the blinds in motion using the switches next to the windowsor with remote control. You will not be concerned that something becomes impossible or hindered because your phone battery is dead or the internet connection is lost for some reason. Similarly, if for example you do not want the lights to be automatically turned on when you enter a room, you can restrict automated programs. You can also temporarily override the settings of automatic programs manually when you deem it necessary. Say the system automatically sets the temperature in the bedroom to 20 degrees at night but for some reason you want the room to be warmer on a given night, you can simply raise the temperature with pressing the button on the thermostat.

Those who do not like using a smart home can turn off the entire system and all its functions by pressing a single button on the control panel and go on using the devices just the way they would in a traditional home.