Metrodom has always taken care to ensure that its buildings and flats not only comply with effective regulations, but that they incorporate genuinely high-quality products, and that we use modern, future-proof technical solutions so that our homes remain state-of-the-art for years and decades to come. Therefore, it was a logical decision for us to install smart home systems in the flats in all our projects launched.

Many of you have probably heard the expression “smart home”, and now our customers can experience for themselves, in our show home, what a truly smart home is really like. Although the expression smart home is a popular buzzword these days, property developers have a different understanding of what it really means. For some, smart home compliance is nothing more than giving customers a cheap central unit and letting them do whatever they can with it (typically not too much). For others, a smart home means that lights, smart sockets and sensors are operated by an application installed on mobile phones, however many just do not quite understand what purpose all these serve.

For Metrodom, smart home is a truly intelligent system that controls the electric appliances, lights, heating of the apartment thus making the homes we build more convenient and energy efficient. A home will not be a smart home just because one can use a mobile phone each time one wants to switch something on or off but if the system can work seamlessly and continuously, without the need for intervention or adjusting the settings all the time. Our customers can therefore occupy a home equipped with basic smart home functionality that is operational in every sense of the word and which they can further expand. Our partner’s support is available for future expansions of the system.