We again tested company staff



For the second time this year, we tested all our employees to protect the health of our employees and the customers who visit to us as well. However, this is just a small part of our health protection efforts, if interested, you can find out below how we ensure that our clients can come to us with complete peace of mind for a demonstration, concluding a contract, or taking over their apartment.

Most importantly, Metrodom developed a detailed and rigorous protocol in the spring that regulates work in the event of an epidemic, the applicable control, and the procedure to be followed in case of infection or suspicion thereof, all the way down to secondary and tertiary contacts (e.g. a relative of a staff member would come into contact with a person suspected of being infected). And we follow this protocol carefully, both with our employees and our customers.


Currently, the majority of our staff, whoever can, only work from home. In the office, only one person can work in each room on any given day. Of course, offline meetings are already gone, and if someone leaves their own room even inside the office space or they have to go somewhere else, they may only do it if they wear a facemask. This way, we keep maintaining contact with each other to a minimum, which we hope will prevent us from passing on any infection to each other or to our customers.


Should family members of our employees become infected or come into contact with those infected, they must remain quarantined at home, even if they are asymptomatic. Should they exhibit symptoms, even ones of a common cold, we would immediately perform a PCR test with urgency, within 24 hours. This way, on the one hand, suspicion can be ruled out quickly, and on the other hand, if someone turns out to be infected, they will certainly not pass it on.

We have introduced a practice similar to the one in our offices, which minimizes the number and intensity of contacts, for our clients, be it a presentation, a home show, a contract, or a handover. Here, the rules are also very strict, which we know may be sometimes inconvenient. Unfortunately, in the current situation, we can only tell everyone that, no matter how excessive they find these rules, we will insist on compliance, as the safety of our operations, the health of our employees and customers is our primary consideration.