Special offer: HUF 2-4 million off of City Home apartments

We offer a price discount of HUF 2 million off of all 2-room and HUF 4 million off of all 3, 4 or 5-room apartments purchased newly after September 1 in Phases L-M of the City Home project. For our price list and the discounted prices please, click here, for details, contact our property advisors. The special prices are valid until revoked.

The specials do not apply to 1-room (studio) apartments. The benefits of the offer may not be combined with other discounts, the purchase price of the apartments may not be lowered with more that what is advertised herein.  

A purchase will be considered new only if the buyer, or the person who appointed the buyer pursuant to the stipulations of the right to nominate a buyer, did not have a (pre)sales contract for the apartment concerned prior to September 1. Modification of a previously concluded (pre)sales contract or the termination and repeated conclusion of a contract upon the initiative of the buyer will not be considered new, the special discount will not be applicable in such cases.

The advertised special offer may be revoked by Metrodom CH-Leno (City Home L) or Metrodom CH-Maya (City Home M) at any time, without prior notification. If the prospective buyer has not yet concluded the sales contract by the time the special offer is revoked on our website, they will not be eligible to the discount even if they have by then inspected the apartment, or notified Metrodom of their intent to buy, but the contract has not been signed before the discount is revoked.