Despite the current health situation caused by the new coronavirus epidemic, property handover continues. Yet, some changes to the procedure had to be made. Additional difficulties are also expected to arise regarding utility services, please read the below information carefully.

Handovers are arranged in way that customers coming to the handover do not meet each other, and only one representative will be present on Metrodom’s part. Utility meters will be read and subsequently recorded in the handover record prior to handover itself, these can be double-checked by the customer later, if required. Keys and documents will be handed over and completed following proper disinfection and keeping recommended distance. The joint walk-in inspection and recording of remaining defects, if any, are cancelled. On the other hand, though, customers will be given a day to thoroughly inspect their apartments by themselves and send repair requirements via email to us. (Defects other than breakages, scratches, physical damages may of course be reported anytime during the warranty period.)

Representatives of Magyar Telekom, the telco services provider, SmartBuild Kft., the provider of support services to the smart-home system, and the community condominium representative will not be present at handover either. Although personal customer service will not be accessible, the condominium representative remains available via phone or email. The Magyar Telekom representative dedicated to Metrodom buildings can be contacted via phone at +36 30 877 3000, personal meeting with her/him or concluding of new service contracts, however, will not be possible. Magyar Telekom has suspended on-site deployment of technical staff as well until the end of the month so previously ordered services, installation of media boxes will not be done either. Please regularly check the Magyar Telekom website to see if the suspension is extended.

Also, SmartBuild now refuses to activate the mart-home system, which would have limited functionality without an internet connection anyhow. Lighting and heating can be fully controlled manually, it is only remote switching, smart-phone control and supervision are affected. Residents having a constant internet connection and the system is connected to the internet via WIFI can request remote activation from SmartBuild customer service accessible at (+36 30 898 9046. This procedure takes longer than on-site activation and requires the presence and active cooperation of the customer, who will establish the connection and configuration of the system with assistance from the customer service technician over the phone.

The condominium representative has already restricted or will do so in the future the availability of communal spaces or services in some buildings. In the City Home residential complex for instance, the playground has been closed, so have been the gym, the baby-playroom and the club room as well in phases H-K.