Metrodom booth: soul and philosophy



Anyone having visited Metrodom’s booth at the Lakás2019 (Apartment2019) Fair in Budapest last weekend must have noticed the difference between Metrodom’s booth and those of all the other exhibitors. Not only do we reminisce of the event by the below photos but we also show the philosophy behind the construction of our new projects and also our booth at the fair.

We have come close to entering the third decade of the 21st century. The decade will bring significant technological advancements, the process revolutionizing modern residential buildings in two major areas has already begun. One is that technologies harnessing environmentally friendly and renewable energy and materials are gaining ground. All our buildings to be handed over from next year onwards will use near zero energy, and 25% of the energy used by our new Dual Eco heating system comes from renewable energy sources. We also used natural materials, mostly wood, in fact untreated, natural timber for the construction of our booth. We do not dispose of these and will wholly reuse them for our next booth.

Creating nice parks around the buildings has always been at the forefront of Metrodom’s approach. Yet, greenery and plants are now gaining further significance. Plants first appeared on the roofs, then they moved into the entrance halls and now we are also planting a whole park on the facade of Metrodom Panoráma. We exclusively used real, live plants in our booth as well, unlike other exhibitors’ showcasing cheap but polluting artificial lawn intended to represent “green” thinking.

The other important development concerns the growing role of information technologies in the apartment. Also, at the fair, we paid special attention to our continuously developing smarthome system and visitors of our booth had the opportunity to see completed apartments in virtual reality.

Building apartments has from the very beginning meant a lot more to Metrodom than simple business. We are attentive to detail not only during the construction process, but we also catered for the convenience of our visitors at the fair; anyone visiting us could relax in our booth enjoying a nice cup of coffee.