First from Metrodom: electric car charger comes as standard with all parking slots

Our commitment to sustainability is a primary consideration in the design of all of our new housing projects. The innovative technical content of our buildings is now being expanded with another, extremely important element; in the case of medium-sized and larger residential parks (above 80 apartment units), offerred first by Metrodom in the residental market, the electric car charger comes as standard.

This change will apply to all of our projects we will be selling in these houses for all of our projects launched in or after 2021, first at Metrodom River, and at Metrodom Green launching in May.

The adapters will be equipped with 32A and up to 7.4 kWh chargers, which can fully charge the battery of an average electric car available today (eg Opel Corsa or Peugeot 208) from zero charge in a single night (8-10 hours). Thanks to the electric meters integrated in the chargers and the unique start-up code, both the consumption settlement and the prevention of illegal power consumption have been solved. All chargers in the garage are controlled by a central charge management system that automatically and intelligently distributes available power capacity among the cars on the chargers.

Thanks to the standard electric chargers, our customers' options will be up-to-date and valuable in the coming decades, when the use of electric cars will become first prevalent, then widespread.