Technical description

The single-family homes at Metrodom Kertváros are built using traditional techniques, without any "quick" or "ready" solutions. Constructed on a concrete foundation, with fired bricks and a wooden roof structure and ceramic tiles, they will prove their worth over time. At the same time, we also build them for the 21st century, using modern materials and technology in the insulation and mechanical and electric systems.

Owing to its ceramic bricks, thick insulation and plastic windows, our houses all have "A - Energy Efficient" class energy performance certificates, with heating and hot water provided by convenient and efficient gas-driven combined heaters. The electrical network, with performance of 3x20 amps, is sufficient for the power needs of a fully automated house, in addition to which a low-voltage network suited to the technical requirements of the local telecommunications provider, is also installed, providing internet and cable television connectivity in each dwelling space.

The houses, which with the exception of furniture, are ready to be inhabited, also include built-in concealed blinds, the fittings for an air conditioning system (air ducts, a condensation water exhaust vent and electrical circuitry) as well as those for a fireplace in the living room (with a separate lined chimney flue). Learn more about our full line of base fixtures and optional extras from the price list and technical description, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link to the left. Your individual specifications do not only apply to the interior space, but can also be extended to the house's exterior (for example, colour and roof tiles).

When we say that the house is ready to move into, we don't just mean the building. We mean the entire property: the fence, the gates (for both people and cars), the stone pathways and the covered rubbish container area are all parts of this. We also look after the garden: after construction is finished, we spread out fresh soil so that you won't run into any problems planting shrubs or other plants.