Single-family houses

In Hungary, family houses are usually constructed individually via private means or through a contractor. Metrodom plans to change this practice. Our aim is to build high-quality houses both quickly and keeping at the forefront of our minds the question of how to maximize the comfort of our clients.


After signing the contract and selecting the finishing materials, up until they take the keys into their hands, our clients can leave everything to us. No need to visit public officials or utility companies for permits or other paperwork. No need to call back and forth to coordinate with contractors or run around searching for building materials, or to worry about whether the work is being done at all, let alone being done properly. There's also no need to check for and dispute any potential problems: we take the worry and stress off of your shoulders.


Metrodom Kertváros is not being built by a small contractor, but rather by a well-capitalised, large real-estate developer, one which has already proved itself capable of constructing apartment buildings of several hundred units according to specification and by the deadline. The way we do business, work does not depend on a single contractor: if somebody gets sick or finds himself "urgently occupied", or disappears altogether, the work still continues. The houses that Metrodom Kertváros builds are ready by the deadline, and we take financial responsibility for this as well. The same applies to the warranty: you can continue to rely on us even after you've paid for the house and taken ownership.


In its Kertváros project, Metrodom is using the same materials and products that it uses in its condominium apartment projects. You won't see us using "discount" products of dubious origin brought in by unscrupulous builders: we only use products from well-known European manufacturers.


Unfortunately, owing to the standards prevalent here in Hungary, we feel compelled to stress that Metrodom only builds and sells its single-family residences in conformity with the legal requirements. We will give you a VAT invoice for the plot, for the house, and for any additional work, which will make life less of a headache for you when you go looking for a loan or housing subsidy. We hand over the houses with a stamp of guarantee, an energy efficiency certificate, an occupancy permit, as well as every other document you need, and we'll also make sure that your deed of title and utility contracts are transferred properly.