Sample apartment

Nothing can show you better what a home interior looks like than your own experience, so why not visit us and find out for yourself what Metrodom’s buildings and homes have to offer. Our specially created sample home in Metrodom Madarász38, City Home and Metrodom Őrmező are a real living space not a scale model made to look like the real thing. Whether you are looking to buy or to rent a home, with Metrodom you can actually see, touch and try the materials and products which will be installed in your apartment. You can check and explore the quality of all the products from the entrance through the flooring and the bath right to the windows, tiles and radiators. Our sample apartment has not been prepared in any special way, the products installed are exactly the same as the ones you can see on the ’Wall and floor tiles’, ’Parquett’ and ’Interior doors’ pages, and from among which our customers can select the ones of their preference during technical consultations. Similarly, you may also see and try Metrodom’s smart home system, the control panel, the smart thermostats, the lighting and window blinds integrated in the system and a complete smart media system.

Besides the quality of the construction and the products you can also check the available space for furnishing. Our aim was to create a practical, easy to furnish home with adequate storage room but at the same time providing a comfortable living space. We tried to attain a modern and stylish design, however we did not use especially expensive and unique furniture or solutions. We aimed to create a stylish appearance, yet we did not use special, expensive pieces of furniture or solutions, the interior designer had to meet stringent cost limitations. You can see the final result in the image gallery.

On entering the apartment a large built in wardrobe awaits the coats and shoes in a predesigned space. In the living room, there is space enough to seat a small group of friends as well as built-in connectors and power points for the television and media players. The kitchen comfortable fits all of the built in appliances – including a dish washer- and at the same time still leaves enough cupboard space for the dinner set as well as the cups and glasses. As in all of our homes you can comfortably place a dining table and chairs in here. The bedroom – just like in every other Metrodom apartment – is large enough to fit a full size double bed and the huge built in wardrobe gives home to 4 cubic meters of shelves and drawers, as well as space for hangers. The bath, the washstand and the toilets can all be used comfortably in the bathroom, we did not use compact furniture pieces anywhere; the washing machine is also standard size.

For viewing our sample apartment please make an appointment with one of our consultants