Technical description

Rozsnyay str. 33. stands out from other newly built houses in terms of technical content as well. We are working with strict criteria regarding the integrated material; only products of well-respected brands manufactured in Europe can be usedwhether it be brick, radiator, faucet or tiles. Upon taking possessionall the residents are provided with the ÉMI-certificate of all built-in products proving that they are to move into a truly first class, high quality apartment.

The same care is given to the aesthetic design of the building, common areas and apartments.Residents have a wide range of choices concerning tiles, parquet floors and interior doors. Our technical consultants are happy to help with the realization of individual desires, be it floor heating, air conditioning system or whirlpool bath.

Environment protection and low-cost maintenance is important to Metrodom. Our house is designed so as to allow separate waste collection, energy and water saving (special toilet tanks) and we guarantee the “A+ – Extra energy Saving” rated energetic certificate of the building and apartments as well.

The building is provided with heating and hot water by modern low-temperature heating water condensing boiler. Apartment temperature can be adjusted separately (each radiator is equipped with automatic thermostatic valve). Thanks for the separate heat and hot water meters you are charged only for your consumption. Utility meters belonging to the apartments are placed in the corridor so they are not inside the apartments and can be easily read without disturbing residents.

The building is equipped with modern telecommunication network. Optical cables cables at common areas and CAT5 and coax cables within the apartments allow bandwidth up to 120/10-Mbps. We did not save money on connections necessary for TV, telephone and computer, you can find them in every room with power outlets nearby.