In accordance with the provisions of the condominium law, after handover MetrodomRozsnyay Street, 33. will act as a condominium to be founded byMetrodom by accepting the deed of foundation, organizational and operational procedures, the initial amount of collective maintenance feeand the first joint representative. These issues of course can be modified later on by the house assembly.

Collective maintenance fee includes all costs associated with the maintenance of the building, including the following:
  • joint representative fee
  • cleaning
  • trash removal service
  • Lighting and heating of common areas
  • front garden maintenance and watering
  • insurance for the building and apartments (the latter only for the property)
  • caretaking services
  • lift maintenance, emergency hotline
  • boiler maintenance, stoker
  • Remote observation of garage security systems (smoke and CO sensors)
  • garage door and lift maintenance
Collective maintenance fee exludes the costs of heating and hot water supply but as these are provided by the central boiler they are read and administered by the joint representative. In practice this is similar to the electricity accounting; the meters are read by the joint representative on a monthly basis and issues the invoices upon the actual consumption to each apartment.