Office routine

Please be aware that Metrodom continuously adopts the rules and regulations issued regarding the health situation, so we kindly request that you regularly check these pages to be informed of the ways and conditions applicable to our availability.

Metrodom is conducting its activities actively, with appropriate safety measures implemented, construction works are being carried out. Most of our staff currently works from home, limited staff is however on duty at our headquarters. Buying of property, modification of already concluded or concluding of new contracts remain possible, for more details please, refer to this page. Property handover continues too, learn more about it here.

If you are looking to buy new property, our sales agents are now available, besides phone or email, also via online videocall. To know which videoconferencing app to use with our different agents, please check the information below their contact cards. You can then select your favored communication platform from among Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or Apple FaceTime. Sales agents can also provide you with detailed information on the current procedures and conditions of concluding contracts.

Customer service
Clients who have already concluded a contract with us may turn to customer service via phone or email as usual, meeting with them personally however is currently not allowed due to the restrictive measures introduced. We can only send documents for mortgage or the Family Home Subsidy Program (CSOK) via email or, if originals are required, regular mail delivered to you or your proxy. Please be aware that personal visits to the Land Registry Office is currently not allowed; obtaining property sales contracts required to disburse mortgage or Family Home Subsidy funds takes 3-4 weeks. (Exactly when you will need an officially received copy depends on the bank and type of loan, please contact your bank clerk for further information.). Once the purchase price has been paid in full, our customer service department contacts you to coordinate handover, for the current procedures and details please refer to our website or inquire personally with our colleagues.

Warranty procedures
You can still submit warranty claims the usual way, due to the emergency situation however, repair services are only delivered on-site in case of most urgent cases, e.g. pipe breakages or flooding. Defects that do not require immediate action are recorded and we will act once the emergency situation is over. For further information on warranty and reporting of defects please refer to this page, through which you can also submit your claim.

Should you have further, general questions regard that remained unanswered, please write to