Constructions have begun
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Construction starts

Construction starts

The building permit for the implementation of our Szobor utca project has been received from district authorities, it can be downloaded from here. At the same time, equipment and facilities required to start construction have also been deployed on the building site and ground works will already begin next week. Sales of apartments is expected to commence at the end of the month, we appreciate your patience until then

Fall 2018 novelties from Metrodom



Following the statement made by the Hungarian Minister of Finance on restoring the 27 percent VAT levied on new-build property as of January 1, 2020, we received numerous enquiries regarding new projects to be launched in the near future so that customers can still make preferential VAT purchases. Although the projects launched in Fall this year will only be handed over during 2020, price installments (or the whole purchase price if the customer so decides) paid before the end of next year will only be encumbered with the favorable, 5 percent VAT. The respective locations and features of our new projects commencing Fall this year are outlined below.