We think music and architecture have much in common: sounds arranged one next to the other with passion and professionalism will add up to beautiful music, highest quality building materials combined with professionalism will yield outstanding buildings. And when residents move-in, the buildings become lively homes.

Besides aligning architecture with music, Metrodom also wants to bring residents closer to each other, so, from 2020, handing over of our buildings will always be celebrated with special concerts.

Due to social distancing rules the concerts cannot be live this summer, so as a first step, they can be watched in a digitally recorded form and once the regulations allow for it, the concerts can be enjoyed live.

The first Move in! Sessions concert was held in the Metrodom Panoráma residential complex, on the terrace of the luxury apartment on Floor 16; the recording can then be listened to anytime on Metrodom’s Facebook page or on YouTube.



For information on the performers and dates please refer to our websites!


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