Technical description

The Metrodom Young is being created through the full conversion of an existing hotel, during which only the supporting walls and floor slabs of the original building will remain. As well as the new walls and parts of buildings, everything else will be brand new, including all technical systems, doors and windows, electrical wiring, insulation and cladding. The Metrodom Young will be classified as a new-build property not only technically, but also legally (for the purpose of transfer duty allowance or loan applications).

The favourable prices reflect no compromise in terms of quality or technical content, and this applies equally to the flats themselves and to the building as a whole. Here our customers will find the same tiling, wood flooring and interior doors as in our other buildings.

During the construction work we only use branded products that not only conform to the applicable standards, but often surpass them. When handing over the flats for occupancy we also provide every resident with a copy of the ÉMI Application Certificates for all the material used in construction, so they know exactly what has gone into their flat.

Environmental protection and low-cost sustainability are important to Metrodom, and the quality of the materials and technical solutions that we use is best shown by the fact that we undertake to obtain an “A – Energy-efficient“ energy performance certificate.. In addition to this there will be opportunities for selective waste collection and water saving (3/6 litre toilet cisterns).

In the building a central boiler provides heating and hot water, and everyone will be able to control the temperature of their flat as they like (we fit all radiators with an automatic thermostatic valve), and the reading of individual thermal energy meters is performed using a radio network. The individual electricity and water meters ensure that everybody only pays for their own consumption.

Security is also important to us; the common areas are watched over by a concierge, and unauthorised entry to the flats is rendered impossible by the steel frame and panel security doors with drill-proof lock cylinders, certified by the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ), and “incidentally” also come fitted with noise and heat insulating inserts.

But going beyond the dry technical specifications, we have also devoted a great deal of attention to the comfort and aesthetic qualities of the building, which can be sensed immediately upon stepping into the well-appointed park or lobby. There is a choice of large, modern and elegant wall and floor tiles to be fitted in the flats; the colours of the wood flooring and interior doors can also be chosen, and we have even paid attention to such details as ensuring that all shower trays are a comfortable 90x90 cm in size, and that the flats consisting of one full-sized and one half-sized room all have a separate bathroom and toilet.