The Metrodom Young offers a variety of services, which are only available to residents of the building; and what is more – unless stated otherwise – these are provided free, at no extra charge. Look at our floor plans to see how much the building offers in the way of facilities!


To download the plan in a larger size, click here!

(1) Parking spaces

Spaces in two enclosed, secure above-ground car parks directly adjacent to the building are available for purchase at a price of HUF 1.300.000-1.500.000, with availability limited to one space per flat.

(2) Community building

This ground-floor section of the building houses all the communal areas, which we describe in more detail below. The roof of the building will be covered with plants and decorative gravel, so that it also looks attractive from above.

(3) Football pitch

A standard six-a-side football pitch, with high-quality durable artificial turf. The pitch is bordered by a high fence, so lost balls will not be a problem.

(4) Drinking fountain

If you get thirsty while playing football or catching some sun, you won’t have far to go.

(5) Fire pit

Far away from the residential buildings, at the end of the garden, there is a safe fire pit and benches for the use of small groups.

(6) Relaxation park

A calm, pleasant secluded corner of the park where you can study, read or sunbathe in comfort.



(1) Lobby

Residents returning home are greeted by a spacious, well-appointed lobby.

(2) Reception area

Security in the building is guaranteed by a 24-hour concierge service, and it is from here that the security cameras, fire alarms and lift emergency buttons are monitored.

(3) Service areas

The concierges, gardeners, cleaners and janitor can eat, relax or change clothes here in pleasant surroundings, without disturbing the residents.

(4) Meeting space

The broad passage connecting the lobby with the residential buildings is given its special atmosphere by the glass walls running along both sides. The two and four-seat tables are not only a good place to sit and talk, but can also be used for working or studying. There are plug sockets for laptop computers, and the tables have built-in wireless chargers and micro-USB cables for mobile telephones. The Wi-Fi is broadband and free.

(5) Food and drink

Coca-cola products (carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, Cappy fruit juices), Lavazza coffee made from freshly ground beans, as well as hot drinks, chocolates and snacks can be purchased day or night from the vending machines, which are also PayPass enabled. If you can’t be bothered to cook, there is a selection of refrigerated convenience goods to choose from (pasta and rice dishes) that only need to be heated up.

(6) Bicycle storage

Unlike in other buildings, in Metrodom Young it is bicycles, not cars that get an enclosed, temperature-controlled parking garage, with capacity to hold approximately 170 bicycles. Here, too, security is ensured by cameras.


(7) Motor-scooter garage

Just like the bicycles, scooters also have their own parking garage. Spaces can be purchased separately.

(8) Garden storage unit

In winter the building’s outdoor furniture can be stored in this unit alongside the lawn tractor and garden tools, to keep them looking brand new for longer.

(9) Club room

This is the best place for those who want to follow their favourite teams in the Olympics or other sporting events. Residents are greeted by comfortable armchairs, sofas and a large-screen television, and the doors ensure that the noise does not disturb others.

(10) Terrace

If you need more space than your own balcony offers, or just want to be closer to the park, you are sure to find a comfortable spot here. The terrace is entirely covered, so it is protected from both rain and the hot sun.

(11) Gym

A fully equipped, modern gym awaits all those who want to keep fit, all the year round, with twelve machines. If you get bored of the view onto the park you can watch television while working out, or enjoy listening to music streamed over the internet via the Wi-Fi connection.


(12) Ping-pong room

If you like ping-pong, you’ll love this room! The table can be folded away and aerobics sessions or other group exercises can be held here, in accordance with the residents’ needs.


(13) and (14) Men’s and women’s changing rooms

If you don’t want to go up to your flat to change on the way to or from work or school, you can do so here in pleasant surroundings. The changing rooms have their own toilets and showers.


(15) Saunas

A sauna is really enjoyable after a training session, or at the end of a hard day. In the Metrodom Young residents can sweat their cares away in a classic Finnish and a modern infrared sauna, with a dedicated shower of course.

(16) Building representative’s office

This office can be used as the venue for holding consultations and for meetings of the audit committee, as well as for storage of the building’s documents.

(17) Laundromat

If you’d rather not buy your own washing machine, or if you want to use a dryer or need some extra washing capacity (e.g. for a sofa cover or bedspread), you’ll be glad of the American-style communal laundromat, with coin-operated machines.

(18) Communal storage room

A room that the community of residents can decide on. This could be used as a pram and pushchair store, a place for temporarily storing furniture while redecorating, or anything else. We look forward to hearing your suggestions at the first residents’ meeting!

(19) Private storage units

If your closet is too small, you can buy your own storage unit. See our website for prices.

(20) Waste bin storage area

The sizeable waste bin storage area, which also has plenty of room for selective waste containers, is conveniently close to the stairwells. The waste bins can be taken out to the street via the back door, without disturbing residents or making a mess.