Technical contents

Metrodom River also stands out from its competitors in terms of overall technical content. Residents here will find two things that are both important and sought after in one place, the excellent location and transport, as well as the huge green park and the Danube bank, about which you can read more on this page. On the 3-hectare plot, the 712 apartment units will be built in six separate residential buildings. Under each building there is a one- or two-level garage, which is connected by an underground road network, the entrance to which is located on Budafoki út. There is no car traffic on the surface inside the plot. Each building consists of a 5-storey lower wing with the heart of the building in the middle being an atrium planted with Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation and built of glass roof and glass walls. The lower wings are joined by two elegant, slender towers per building (one for the CA building), which are 13 storey high each for buildings A, B, D and E respectively, and 9 storey for buildings CA and CB. There are two elevators in the towers, a total of 4 per building (2 in the case of the CA building). The double elevators not only guarantee operational safety and short waiting times, but the size and load capacity of each elevator per tower (12 people, 1 ton) also make it suitable for furniture transport.

Due to lower costs and faster construction, more and more developers are opting for buildings made entirely of reinforced concrete these days. We chose a different technology providing more comfort for future residents. The Metrodom River buildings are built with traditional technology, traditional materials, the facade and interior walls are made of fired ceramic bricks, and the soundproof partitions are of lime sand bricks. This is complemented by modern three-layer thermal insulation windows with built-in shutter casings and motorized, thermally insulated aluminum shutter-screens. Inside the apartments, high quality is ensured by Villeroy & Boch sanitary ware, German made Hansgrohe faucets, acrylic bathtubs and shower trays in the bathrooms. Like our other residential parks, the apartments in Metrodom River Residential Park are also equipped with a smart home system that detects the openness of windows and doors, controls heating and cooling as well as the shutters, and into which we also integrated the video intercom. You can read more about Metrodom's advanced smart home system on our website here.

The ‘Dual Eco’ heating and cooling system developed by Metrodom will also be installed in the Metrodom River complex, which complemented with the elements of the thermal insulation system guarantees the energy rating of  "AA - Better than near-zero energy requirement". (This rating is better than the BB rating currently required for new residential buildings.)  The system not only provides heating, but also cools your home of course, ensuring individual control of each room and individual heat metering for each apartment. Heating is done in the most comfortable way possible, by heating the ceiling in the living rooms and bathroom so that no radiators will get in the way in any of the rooms. In the summer heat, a pleasant temperature is achieved by cooling the ceiling, which gently achieves the cooling effect without blowing air. The heating and cooling water in the Dual Eco system is provided by a system of condensing gas boilers combined with electric, air-to-air heat pump boilers. For more information on the construction and operation, refer to this page.

Undoubtedly, the most spectacular part of the Metrodom River is the sheltered inner garden, which is surrounded on all sides by a fence. In addition to the fence, the security of the residential park is guaranteed by the built-in camera system monitoring both entrances, and the two-person, 24-hour guard. In the huge park, the buildings are placed especially far, 30-40 meters apart, which is a greater distance than what separates the houses between the two sides of Budapest’s Grand Boulevard. The whole garden has been designed and landscaped according to a uniform concept; the irrigation is provided by an automatic irrigation system. The park is not divided by fences, the garden areas next to the ground floor flats are separated by hedges, hedge-forming plants, thus ensuring the privacy of the ground floor residents without ruining the coherent image of the park. The main transport route of the park is the wide promenade with the Budafoki út reception building, which extends to the Danube bank's personal gate, along which smaller and larger whirlpools, decorative pools and mini fountains evoke the water of the river. The promenade and the whole park will be reserved for pedestrians, cyclists, parents pushing the stroller, here neither vehicle traffic nor garbage trucks will disturb the residents, as garbage collection also takes place underground. You can read more about the many public facilities in the park and within the buildings, as well as the services available to the residents on this page.