Technical description

Metrodom Park is a modern residential complex built according to a uniform visual style The 600 apartment units are created in four buildings, seven floors each. Thanks to this arrangement Metrodom Park will exhibit both the cost-effectiveness of large residential complexes and the friendly atmosphere of smaller, autonomous communities. The stairwells of the buildings will be accessed via elegant, arcade lined lobbies allowing insight to the internal, closed park. Operational safety and increased availability will be ensured by two elevators in each stairwell. The open slabs above the anterior of the elevators provide exceptional sensation of space.

One of the main attractions of Metrodom Park is the huge greenery available only to the residents, cars will be parked in the underground parking garage. Buildings will be surrounded by private gardens of the ground-floor apartments, the internal garden will serve the recreational needs of the community. The park will be formed according to a thorough landscaping plan and will be handed over with full plant cover, garden furniture and a playground for different age-groups. Maintenance of the garden will be made easy by a pre-installed automated irrigation system.

Fixtures and amenities of the apartments will comply with the strict requirements of Metrodom’s standards. High-quality and aesthetically pleasing materials can be seen in our sample apartments or in one of our showrooms, or can browsed on our website. The ‘BB - near zero energy consumption’ energy rating guarantees low running costs (only on Phase A). Energy efficiency is served by several features, from thick thermal insulation to quality doors and windows and the condensing furnace driven heating system. Heating, electricity, cold and hot water consumption will be masured individually for each apartment with meters placed outside of the apartments so that they can be read without disturbing residents. Metrodom's proprietary smarthome system ensures 21st century comfort and lowers costs of electricity and heating further. For further information on our smart home solutions, please visit

In Metrodom Park, besides the outstanding extras our apartments offer, the residential complex itself boasts unique amenitites. All resident families are entitled to use, free of charge, the valuable services shown in the below layout plan. Maintenance is covered from the common costs.