The building


Metrodom Park has been designed primarily for families looking for an affordable home with good accessibility by public transportation. The state-of-the-art residential complex will be built between 2017-2019 in three phases at the intersection of Gém and Fogadó street. We took care to place the buildings in a distance from each other so that the bigger half of the plot remains available for creating greenery, a beautiful park after which the residential complex was named.

The modern and friendly buildings will be surrounded by a closed, fence protected garden guarded by security personnel on duty around the clock. The internal park, the size of a soccer field, offers recreational activities for every resident. A decorative garden and benches will be placed adjacent to the buildings for those who want to read or just have a talk in peace.




Those looking for a peaceful place to relax and meditate will appreciate the intimacy of the roof garden on Floor 6 in Building C (Fogadó u. 1/C). A small gym in Building B, a club room in Building A and a baby playroom in Building A and C will be built for the exclusive use of residents.

The apartments of Metrodom Park have been designed to be practical and liveable at the same time. Each of the apartments have a balcony or a terrace, ground floor flats also have an own garden. Not only have we designed superb small apartments but we also paid special attention to the bigger, family homes which, apart from being eligible to the benefits of the Family Home Subsidy Program, will also serve as a pleasant home of the family. Amenities, like two bathrooms, a storage room or the spacious kitchen will not only provide the level of comfort that makes Metrodom homes attractive and sought after in the market but will also make the property an investment retaining its value in the long run.