Vertical park

Since the inception of Metrodom, we have put emphasis on green environment; the unity of the building and the greenery has been one of the guiding principles of our thinking. We dreamed a roof garden already for our first building, 10-11 Mátyás tér in District 8 handed over in 2013, and we have always tried to bring out the best of greenery to the extent applicable regulations and the specificities of the building allow. Yet, Metrodom Panoráma stands out even from this league. Greenery is not one of the complementary elements of our building; it is a dominant feature forming an organic unit. Green walls, greenery planted on facades can be seen elsewhere, however, the magnitude of greenery and quality of plants on our building have only one predecessor in the whole of Europe, the Bosco Verticale („Vertical Forest") in Milan. Unlike the building in Italy, our project is not only one luxury office building, but an entire residential complex.

A total of 170 trees will be planted on the facades of the four building blocks, three kilometers of shrubbery (some 10,000 plants) in window-boxes running along the balconies. Smaller plants will also be planted in the stone boxes around the trunks of the trees, let alone the dozens of trees and hundreds of units of bush planted in the streets surrounding the buildings. We have chosen all the plants cautiously, taking many factors into consideration.

Our aim was not to create only a homogenous green surface, but that several different species appear, as they would in a natural ecosystem. Planting does not follow a strict pattern; plant species appear to be randomly growing so that the building is as pleasant as possible to look at. Plant species will be different on the facades of the four directions of the compass. Hornbeam type of trees will be planted on the northern façade, while field maple and different hawthorn species will occupy the eastern and western fronts. The southern façade will host sun tolerant shadbush and willow-leaved pear. Having both evergreen and deciduous plants planted on the facades was also a consideration when the tree and shrubbery species were chosen, so that Metrodom Panoráma shows to the residents a different looks in the different seasons.

We have also paid attention to sustainability when designing Metrodom Panoráma. The aim was to make Metrodom Panoráma a live, lush vertical grove after a few years, leaving then residents and passersby in awe in 5, 10 or 100 years’ time. Trees will be planted in one cubic meter pots, the diameter of window-boxes for the shrubbery is 40x40 cms in size providing lot more space and soil for the vegetation to grow taller than in traditional window-boxes. Multi-circuit automated irrigation system provides for water and nutrient supply, residents do not have to (and must not) attend to and cultivate the vegetation. The irrigation system will not only provide water and nutrients for the plants on the facades but also for the vegetation in the street and the plaza. The condominium management shall take care to maintain both the residential complex and the vegetation, Metrodom and the landscaping company will provide professional assistance to perform their tasks.