Technical description

The 632 apartment units, the shops and offices are in a building block of four wings differing in height. The tallest of the towers have 17 floors. There are 164 apartment units in Building A, while 125, 130 and 180 apartment units can be found in Buildings B, C and D respectively. The vines planted on the walls of the building, designed by Ybl Award winning Zsolt Hajnal and his team, and the 170 pieces of 4 to 5-meter-tall trees turn the residential complex into one huge three dimensional park. The plant cover receives water and nutrients from a hidden, complex system of pipes, residents may just enjoy the view of the trees growing on their balconies. It is not only the visual appearance that makes the buildings of Metrodom Panoráma stand out from among average new-build houses, but also the details. The green roofs on the smaller buildings, the elegant lobbies also raise the value of property.

There is a home for everyone in Metrodom Panoráma. Studios, small, 1.5 room apartments and compact and practical flats for small families are in the smaller buildings up to the 6th floor. Metrodom’s proprietary smart-home system, the cozy and spacious balconies and the trees growing there come as standard. We offer bigger apartments on the 7th floor for those who want bigger terraces to see over the roofs of the surrounding buildings to a distance, thus expanding space. In the towers on the 8th floor and above, there are only three apartments per floor, all of them offering a fantastic view to the city. The largest apartments are on floors 15 to 17 orientated towards three points of the compass and the residents can enjoy a panoramic view very few people have. The buildings and apartments comply with the highest quality standards and offer the same amenities from the concierge service to the underground parking garage and state-of-the-art energy efficiency as Metrodom’s other buildings.