Technical description

In the case of Metrodom's Mátyás tér 11, its low price does not mean that there has been any compromise on quality or technical content. This goes for both the apartments and the building, itself. During the construction we only use products made ​​in Europe, from reputable manufacturers. This not only meets required standards but often even surpasses them. When residents take posession of their homes, we provide them with EMI certification, so that they know exactly what material has been used.

Both environmental protection and low priced maintenance, are important to Metronom. Therefore, this house is designed so that you get the "A+ - Extra energy Saving" energy certificate, which is attained because of high quality thermal insulation and windows. 
Heating and water are provided by a central boiler. The temperature in your home, however is regulated by you (each radiator has an automatic thermostatic radiator valve). Thanks to the individual heating and hot water meter, everyone pays only for their own consumption. The meters are placed in the hallway so that the residents will not be disturbed when they are read. 
Security is also important to us and therefore we have placed cameras in the public areas. Intrusion into your homes is virtually impossible due to MABISZ certified security doors with a drill proof lock insert, steel frame and door panel.
The house has a modern telecommunications network to satisfy all requirements. In the common areas, it is optical and in the apartments, CAT6 cables, allow up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth. We didn't hold back on the necessary protrusions required for TVs,  telephones and computers either, which can be found in each apartment, together with the appropriate electrical sockets, which have also been strategically placed next to them.
We paid attention not only to the dry technical requirements We paid attention not only to the mundane electrical requirements but also to aestheics. This is already noticeable when you enter the tastefully designed foyer. You can choose from between several types of modern and stylish tiles and parquet floors. You can choose the colors of the parquet floors and internal doors. In fact, we even provided you with practical towel heating radiators and water saving toilets, which are hidden in a wall crevice.