Beginning of sales

Dear Customers! Presales of property at Metrodom Madarász38 pace shall commence on

17/10/2018 at 10:00

In order to ensure equality of chances reservation and acquisition of property until 24th of October will be possible as described below. Prices indicated on the website are only guaranteed for reservations made before 8 pm on the day of commencement of sales (17/10/2018). Following this, the prices may change.

1. Reservations can only be made by filling out and sending back of the form located on the left side. The form will become available 10 am on 17 of October. We are only accepting reservations placed in adherence to the above, please do not try to reserve earlier or using any other means of communication, i.e. phonecall or not even our sales staff can register or process reservation requests earlier than the above point in time!

2. Before sending your reservation, please register with one of our property advisor colleagues. You are welcome to register anytime, via e-mail or phone. When filling out the registration form please take care to select your property advisor as well, otherwise the registration request cannot be sent!

3. In the name field please enter the name of the person or company willing to conclude the presales contract. In order to avoid multiple reservations sent in from multiple customers we can only conclude the presales contract with the person indicated on the form, modification or correction of these data is not possible later!

4. Please check your email address before sending your reservation request as our automated system will return the confirmation to the email address you provided! Metrodom will not use your email address to contact you with sales promotion or marketing activities, we will not send unsolicited offers to you. 

5. We register and process reservation requests in the order of receiving them, therefore the successful sending of the request alone will not guarantee reservation. The list of properties is updated once an hour, therefore pieces of property indicated as available may already have been reserved.

6. To buy multiple apartments please select the number of pieces (1, 2, 3 or four pieces)! Please be aware that in case you change your mind later and decide you would like to buy fewer apartments, all your reservations will be cancelled, so please do not indicate 2, 3, etc. pieces, if you would like to buy only one.

7.  You may enter multiple apartment numbers in the box where you indicate the apartment(s) you intend to buy. If more than one reservation is received for a given apartment, the first will be given priority in the order of receiving the reservations. If you indicate however a second or a third reserve apartment, and those are still available, you will be automatically assigned the apartment next in the row of your choices. In case you indicate two, three or four apartments you would like to buy, as per the previous paragraph, we will reserve the corresponding number of apartments for you. Our property counsellor will contact you shortly after a successful reservation.

8. By sending the reservation form you undertake to send, within 2 business days from the date our property advisor contacted you, all your details necessary to conclude the presales contract and, within 10 business days, at the latest 5th of November sign the presales contract at our main office headquarters and transfer 10% of the sales price as down-payment. In case you are inhibited in adhering to the above, for instance you live abroad, please enter in the name field, the name of the person who will conclude the contract on your behalf and for your benefit. In case no such proxy person can be identified we cannot be of service to you during the presales period.