Telecommunications services

At Lőportár utca 9, we have installed a modern telecommunications network to satisfy every need. Fibre optic cables in the common area and cat6 cables – the most advanced available technology – inside the flats themselves assure the reliable provision of truly broadband data transmission services. In order to avoid the need for installing additional cables inside the flats, we are equipping each room in each flat with a wall connector, each in close proximity to an electric wall socket.

From the moment they move into the building, residents of Lőportár utca 9 will have the services of Magyar Telekom, the largest such service provider in Hungary, available to them through a separate agent.

At the same time, our clients should be aware that Metrodom has concluded no exclusive contract with either Magyar Telekom or any other service provider that would exclude other companies from providing telecommunications services, and once the condominium has been established as a legal entity, the condominium association will be free to rule on which other companies may provide such services in the building, and according to what conditions.