Technical description

9 Lőportár utca exhibits the trademark style of all Metrodom buildings: modern, clear design, quality materials and elaborate details all signal quality. The facades can be recognized from afar thanks to the contrast rich coloring; when having a closer look, the stone finish on the ground floor walls catches the eye of observers.  Not only is the stone finish visually appealing, it also is very durable thus the building will retain its aesthetics for decades.

The heart of the building is the secure internal garden enclosed by the wings. Since parking space is provided in the garage on the basement floor, no cars will be parked in the courtyard or the ground level areas and the whole garden will serve the leisure needs of residents. Apart from the private gardens connected to the ground floor apartments the ornamental garden and a small playground will also be made available to the residents. An automated irrigation system will ensure that the garden will always remain green. The common spaces are also unique. The street front and the rear facades are connected by a single 7 meter high, 100 sqm lobby, the huge glass portals and the colors and materials used by the interior designer also add to the visual appeal of the interior. The concierge service will be placed in the lobby. Stairwells A and B can be accessed from the lobby, whereas C and D through the garden. Two elevators serve each of the stairwells, one with extended cage and a load capacity of 1 ton making moving in and handling baby-strollers comfortable.

Heating and hot water systems employ modern condensing boilers, which, coupled with high quality doors, windows and insulation guarantee “CC – state of he art” energy rating. All the consumption meters have been placed in the common spaces so that meters can be read without disturbing residents.

The apartments meet Metrodom’s high quality standards. All the flats come equipped with Metrodom’s smart home system as standardto remotely control the entire heating system. Motion and light sensors and smoke detectors ensure safety; the smart sockets allow for consumption monitoring. The system can be extended almost indefinitely, i.e., the shutter boxes have been prepared to accommodate optional integrated smart blinds (for further details of the system, please click here).

Construction materials also meet the high quality requirements, please refer to the “Style and Materials” menu item for customization options. The porcelain sanitary fittings and tap units are supplied by premium German manufacturers, detailed information is available in the technical descriptions downloadable from the box on the left. You can read weekly news updates about the progress of construction here, and see site photos in the gallery.


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Tel.: (06 1) 202-6265