Handover of title

Please be aware that Metrodom continuously adopts the rules and regulations issued regarding the health situation, so we kindly request that you regularly check these pages to be informed of the ways and conditions applicable to our availability.

Although our colleagues are allowed commute to the workplace, carry out their duties under the measures restricting movement, property handover is not exempted from the restrictions. If the date of handover falls within the time scope of the restrictive measures, our colleagues can complete the handover at your place of residence, i.e. deliver the keys and documents of your property to your door. This possible if you so request and reside in Budapest or one of the adjacent suburbs.

Once the purchase price has been paid in accordance with the terms of the contract, our customer service staff contacts you to coordinate the date and place (your place of residence) of property handover. Our customer service staff will answer your questions regarding the handover procedure, what documents you have to complete and other things good to know. Our colleague responsible for handing over your property will call you over the phone the previous day, or in the morning of the day of handover the latest, to coordinate the time of arrival. Since we hand over multiple apartments a day, we will be able to give you only an estimated time of arrival.

In compliance with applicable legal provisions, you may start using your apartment, parking slot. The condominium, in which your apartment is located is already fully operational, with security guarding, waste removal, cleaning, etc.  Please note that Magyar Telekom does not conclude new contracts for internet and TV services now and their technicians do not implement on-site installations. Similarly, the technicians of SmartBuild Kft., the company responsible for providing support to the smart-home system, are currently unavailable for on-site activation. Via a fixed-line or 4G mobile internet connection and WIFI connectivity, you may however request remote activation in Building A of Metrodom Park and Metrodom Panoráma Buildings B-C and D. To implement remote activation, you will need to be at home and apply the necessary steps and configuration settings on the control panel as instructed by SmartBuild customer service staff.